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    My son has out grown these so it is time to pass them on to the next generation of shooting boys or slim dads. Both are in great shape (broken in but not abused in any way). These both apear to have been made long enough ago that the stiching was still quality work.

    1) Hunter brand marked 122 SM. It has 25 shell loops. It is 36" overall. 28" to the smallest hole and 33 1/4 to the largest.

    This is from the Hunter web site:

    Cartridge Belts
    Designed with the sportsman in mind, Hunter cartridge belts are available in various rifle and pistol calibers. 2” wide handgun caliber belts have centered loops for both left and right-handed shooters. Rifle caliber belts are 2 1/2” wide and both are available in brown only with 25 cartridge loops.
    (122) .22 Caliber Belt $76.75

    2) Viking brand marked 7012 22M.This one has 31 shell loops. It is 40" overall. 32 1/2 to the smallest hole and 38 to the largest.

    The only Viking I could fine was on Gunbroker and the "buy now" price was $55.

    Your choice for $25 shipped or $45 for the pair shipped.
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