Learning to appreciate plastic?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Nov 11, 2009.

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    Is anyone else out there making the same change in thinking that I have been making?

    I started out as a lover of all steel guns. I would only buy all steel and would only carry all steel. Stainless steel in my case. I would never consider even a blued gun, much less a polymer framed gun.

    After a while I ventured into the land of aluminum frames, but that did not please me. I ended up trading off or selling almost every aluminum frame gun I bought (except for my Beretta 92FSc and my Rohrbaugh). I found that aluminum was prone to finish wear/marring and you could not really clean it up yourself without damaging the material.

    I then took baby steps towards polymer frames. I bought an H&K P2000SK first. I ended up selling it but it opened the door. I later bought an XD-9SC, which I also sold. A Walther PPS also came and went. Then several Glocks came around. I kept a few of them but I do not carry them. They are assigned specific duties around the house and work (IE: safe gun, glove box gun, etc). I was having a hard time liking the polymer frames and blued/black slides. Then I found Kahr's CW9. I liked the combination of the polymer frame and stainless slide. After owning it for a week or so I bought the PM9 to go with it. Then I bought an H&K USPc with a stainless slide. After awhile I upgraded my PM9 for a PM40. Then I went back tto the XD line and bought the XD-40SC. This time with the stainless slide.

    It took me awhile but I have really learned to love how easily the lighter polymer guns carry. All it took was that added touch of a stainless slide and I was able to overcome my dislike of them. Now my carry rotation consists of two polymer framed guns (XD-40SC and Kahr PM40). I still love my all stainless guns (I have a safe full that I love to shoot, sometimes carry, and plan to pass down to family some day), but as far as CC goes I believe polymer has way too many advantages to ignore.

    Bad cell phone pic...

    PM-40 in stow-n-go holster...

    XD-40SC (w/finger extension) in stow-n-go hoster...
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    i agree love me some plastic guns.............
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    The only polymer gun I ever had was a Glock 27 for a short time. Ended up selling it. Nothing wrong at all with the pistol, it just never felt right to me. That being said, I have handled the XD's and came real close to buying one once. Eventually I want to have one. It fit my hand better than the Glock.

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