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LE6920 w/16" barrel

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by 2A2Dend, May 5, 2016.

  1. 2A2Dend

    2A2Dend 82-88, U.S. Army Well-Known Member

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    I finally decided to grab an AR15. The price was right. $500. It's a Colt, M4 lower/upper w/16" barrel and a Midwest Industries 12" free float hand guard. The scope and mount were included.

  2. Larrytpdx

    Larrytpdx Portland, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Wow! Great deal.
  3. 2A2Dend

    2A2Dend 82-88, U.S. Army Well-Known Member

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    It is. That's part one, just half of the 2K package deal.
    I need two more paydays to bring home Part Two.
    Part Two consists of;

    Colt M4 upper/lower/14" barrel. 200-250rnds fired.
    Midwest Industries 12" FF hand guard
    Magpul Pro BUIS
    Aimpoint M4
    Eotech 3x Magnifier
    Geisselle SSA trigger
    Magpul Grip
    BCM winged charging handle
    Magpul Sling
    Surefire weapon light

    That's all I remember off the top of my head without having it in front of me
  4. clearconscience

    clearconscience Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Nice looking AR, that's a good deal on the upper, and with the lower your stating should be an excellent rifle.
  5. 2A2Dend

    2A2Dend 82-88, U.S. Army Well-Known Member

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    I stopped by over the weekend to (drool on my soon to be rifle) visit my friend and talk about additions. I provided a little more green to the kitty for my added amenities noted above. I could have taken it home, but decided to "pay for it" first. Another week and we'll be square on purchase price and legalities. It will cost me more than I said above, but still a great deal.
  6. NCW_Robert

    NCW_Robert Wenatchee Active Member

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    Just bought a new one from tombstone tactical for 800.00. That was for the bare rifle with no furniture or sites. Seems the price has gone down a bit since I bought mine a few months ago.

    At the time it was the ONLY Colt LE6920 I could find in stock.

    I got about 1200.00 plus into it so far.

    That is the last factory built AR I will buy. Nothing against the LE6920, I like it just fine. I wanted a decent factory AR to start out. I'll buy 80% lowers and build from scratch now that I know how an AR is supposed to go together and function etc.

    Uncle Obama or aunti Hill will not know about the "other" AR's I build or the other off the books guns I own. They can come get the colt and be smug in the knowledge they disarmed me.

    They won't find the real armory.

    In fact after I get a few others built I'll probably sell the Colt, and with our wa gov transfer list they now keep, they'll just think I sold it and don't have no more evil black assault weapons.

    After any one gets familiar with the AR platform, that is exactly what you should do, build from 80% lowers so when the time comes, you can throw up your hands and say "who me" I aint got no a more of them black rifles officer, that one you just confiscated, she was my "one and only"....

    Only a matter of time til the GOV outlaws black rifles, taking recent events in to account, the Florida terrorist gay massacre and the reaction - take away American's [black rifle] guns - that will stop those nasty Islamic terrorist.

    A few more of those type of attacks, and they will come, and the laws will pass and "no more black rifles".

    Buy em [build em] while you can, along with plenty of ammo.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
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