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    "Governor Gregoire has signed into law HB 1016, by Rep. Brian Blake (D-19) which legalizes the use of lawfully-owned suppressors (silencers) in Washington. It takes effect 90 days after the end of the current session. With some exceptions, to purchase a suppressor under federal law, your Chief Law Enforcement Officer (county sheriff or city police chief) must approve your purchase application (ATF Form 4). Some sheriffs have refused to sign because while there is no law prohibiting OWNERSHIP of a suppressor in Washington, it has been illegal to USE a suppressor. That prohibition goes away in late July (90 days AFTER the end of the regular session).

    As an aside, there was no exception in current law for law enforcement agencies to use suppressors (many of which currently possess suppressed weapons, nominally to take down dogs guarding meth labs and other illegal activities). So under HB 1016, now both cops and citizens can possess AND USE suppressed firearms. It will be interesting to see if any sheriffs still have reservations about citizens owning suppressors... (who they like to refer to as "civilians," ignoring the fact that cops are civilians, too)."

    Interesting. I wonder if this will bring down the price?
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    I'm not a "civillian"... I'm a CITIZEN. IMNSHO, there IS a difference.
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    Why would one state with a few sales bring down the price of a nation wide industry? 32 other states have been using them for years legally. Plus many WA folks have been building, buying, owning AND shooting (oh no) silencers for a long time.

    So there will be a short term rush of MAYBE a couple hundred units will have no effect in price. It might effect wait times a little as there is more Forms being sent to the ATF but even then I don't see it will change that much.

    It would be like a small mom and pop burger joint opening up in a big city. How much do you think that is going to effect McD's sales or price in that town?

    Also look up doing a Trust for NFA items, then there is no LEO issues at all and makes many things easier.
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    Price will have nothing to do with legality of use.
    Pricing is similar in all states that allow ownership.
    Federal restriction is what keeps the prices high.
    I don't feel the price is that out of line.

    Now paying sales tax on something I have to wait 4 months to get
    and pay a $200.00 tax stamp on REALLY PISSES ME OFF!
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    Now paying sales tax on something I have to wait 4 months to get
    and pay a $200.00 tax stamp on REALLY PISSES ME OFF![/QUOTE]

    Hey dont you wish you could play with other peoples money for a while:laugh:
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    Word is that on "tax day" Gem-tech pays the $200 tax stamp. I'm not sure but worth checking out on Monday:

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