Latest government nuke planning guide.

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by receo, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Kinda sums up the whole thing. Looks like they just changed the plan from radiation exposure from a nuclear reactor to a nuclear detonation...then specified that the feds don't have a specific plan for it.

    Just remember...

    Time and distance.

    Rads can go through everything except basically lead, but any amount of barrier protection will help limit exposure. A nuclear detonation has many additional problems than a simple reactor leak. Fallout, for example, will be a huge problem for many living creatures- hundreds of miles away for many, many years.

    In fact, even when they do a cleanup at Hanford (cracking open some 50+ year old nuclear waste) the wind can carry small amounts of contaminated particles for hundreds of miles! If the wind can carry off some dust from Hanford to Walla Walla, imagine what a nuclear detonation would do! If Seattle was hit, Idaho would be getting some residual fallout!

    Of course, that is just the radiological side...then comes the EMP- but I think I'm already preaching to the choir with that.

    Wow, I think that they have really understated the effects an EMP would do from a nuke.

    That is really all they cover with EMP- is that communications might go down. Kinda worries me that they would put this plan out and understate the effects of an EMP. Oh well, let the sheep be sheep I guess.
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    The interesting thing for me was the EMP radius, this report says 2-5 miles from a ground burst, 10kt. 5 miles isn't much further than the blast radius. I guess because its ground level as opposed to airburst. Yet another file to add to my archive...
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    Thanks for sharing this! Interesting info...
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    Ohhh pretty colors!


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