Late 1700's Ketland flintlock pistol

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    This is a flintlock pistol with a brass barrel made by T. Ketland & Co. between 1780 and 1790 according to the info I got with it. Ketland was a Birmingham gunmaker who started in 1760 & died in 1816. I have read that the pineapple finial on the trigger guard dates to lateish 1700s as well. It has proof marks on the barrel and has "London" engraved there too. The cocking mechanism and trigger do work.

    Being an antique, this probably has a small interest group for a board full of people interested in modern guns. And at $2850, it isn't cheap. But, if you are interested, give me (Dean) a call at 503-475-0125.

    Oh, and since this dates before 1899, the Feds call it an antique and it can be sold and shipped across state lines without an FFL involved.


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