My brother ordered one for me for Xmas in 2009. According to their website they're shipping out the first batches this week so we'll see what happens. I hope it works well because it certainly looks cool.
Finally got around to ordering mine this morning, after checking out a few more reviews, and watching all the video's in slow mo to see just exactly how that production (2nd Gen) seemed to work...and how the shooter reacted to it. I spoke with "Sheri", the owners wife who took my order, and she was extremely nice on the phone. Didn't have to wait for a callback or anything, so I'd give 'em a A+ for ease of ordering at least!
As of this morning 9/3/2010, I got the stock, and 3-way forward Pic rail, and mag release extender with shipping to Washington for $173.95. Granted, that's almost as much value as my rifle, but still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY under what you'll pay for any other bullpup kit, and from all reviews...a better product than anyone else has yet to come up with.
Shipping time......11 weeks. Damn I wish I had pre-ordered now that I'm fairly confident of product!!
Now for the worrisome fact that nobody else has posted info that they've actually reCEIVED they're stock yet.........At least they finally updated the shernic site to admit that they're now shipping for the *** end of July of '09, instead of the beginning. I think I'm probably in for a 6 month wait.

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