Last Bit of AR Stuff, YHM Quad Raild, KAC VFG, misc stuff.

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by cbdolphin, May 11, 2010.

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  1. cbdolphin

    Corvallis, OR
    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    First off, I have a carbine length Yankee Hill Machine Quad Rail. Used but in Good condition. They run between 100-120 new. 2pc.htm

    Asking 75 shipped.

    Knights Armament Black VFG

    Seen them between 50-75 bucks.

    Asking 25 shipped.

    Yankee Hill Machine 1/2 in rail raiser. 3 slot version (one on bottom of pic)
    10 shipped.

    Then I have one of the Black Magpul Ladder rail covers. Asking 7 shipped, they run 11-12 new+ shipping.

    Buy the whole lot for a discount, PM me for price.

    I will also throw in a free carry handle optic mount if you purchase the whole lot, 5 dollars with any other purchase.
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