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LaserLyte Training & Scoring System w/2 Lasers and Target

I have the following to offer, as a set:

"LaserLyte TLB-XL Trainer Target Score Tyme"
  • Target: has 147 LEDs that light up when hit with a laser
  • Target: scores every shot from 4-10 points
  • Target: has 3 timer settings to compete for the highest score
  • Train: for speed and accuracy in your home
  • Good for pistols or rifles
Includes manual, original box and spare batteries. Everything you need to start!

Excellent training tool, particularly for instructors.

Just as the one seen here:


PLUS, two LaserLyte Laser Trainers; one Universal; Fits Calibers .380 ACP to .45 ACP and fits Revolvers 1.875 Inch Barrel and Longer including J-Frame. The second one is for .22LR, pistol or rifle.

More info on those:


: $160 (cash, firm) Save well over $100 off new, for like new.

TRADES? I can't think of anything specific at the moment, but I'm into amateur ham radio, air-guns, and of course, firearms. I also have a couple projects around the house for a skilled handyman. Oh, and I'd like to upgrade my iPhone 5, perhaps to an iPhone 6 or 7. ATT or unlocked. Cash is preferred, but don't be afraid to make a trade offer!

Pickup at my home, near Baseline and Cornelius Pass.

If you'd like to check it our more, I'll demo it for you, as well as give basic use instructions. It's a nice system, you won't be disappointed!

PM here, email, or text me for more info, address, etc.
ravcon at outlookdotcom
five 0 3- eight zero 7- eighty-six ninety one (cell/text)

Thanks for viewing my listing!

Frank in Hillsboro

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