Las Vegas Shooting

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    "A mother teaching her 14-year-old daughter to drive was shot in the head and was not expected to survive after an apparent road-rage attack by an angry driver who followed them to their Las Vegas home, the woman's husband said Friday."

    "After I turn off the machines to my wife today ... we've got to do something to take our city back," he said. "Every time you turn around, someone is getting shot."

    A scary tragedy. A selfish act on the part of this shooter. And the woman didn't recognize she was being followed.

    The story doesn't end here - it continued:

    "Meyers said their adult son emerged from their house and fired several shots with a handgun at the fleeing car. He told his father there were three people in the car."

    Um, hello - you now have a double tragedy. The son has to be arrested. You cannot go blasting at fleeing automobiles. The whole part of the law "I think they might do it some more if I don't stop them" looses weight in the city and you need to be able to make the shot. How many people did he recklessly endanger?

    As for the husbands statement - "we've got to do something to take our city back" here is step one, teach your children to not fire wildly into your neighborhood.

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