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I bought a Noveske KX3 without really researching it and now I wonder if the Lantac might be better.
I'm building two 10.5" 5.56 AR's, one for my fiance and one for me. I want the best control/performance brake/compensator I can get particularly for her.
So is the dragon better or is there another better alternative?

Thanks folks.
I have the Dragon, but not a K3, so I don't have a comparison, not a lot to brake with a 5.56 anyway .

I do have a PSA 10.5" with a normal flash hider, and a Aero build for the wife with 10.5" and a Kaw Valley Precision linear compensator, mine is FDE to match the pistol. It does not help that much, but is a hoot to shoot as it is a fire breather.:)
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I have these
The pig will be better directing the noise out front. Its is heavier and dosent provide any help keeping the gun still. It is also a booster, sending more gas that collects in the pig body , down the gas tube . So if you are under gas(doubtful) it helps there.....best at making up for having slightly less dwell time than you need for proper function.
The dragon is one of the best brake/comps you can get . Its lighter than the pig, way louder and way more effective at everything but noise . Brakes will slightly help a slightly over gas situation


I dont know which is better but i will say my flaming pig does seem more plesant to shoot blast wise than my buddys carbon 15 with a standard brake.


Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

I've been having plumbing adventures with the pump, the line and the mountain. The mountain really wants my house in the bottom of the creek.
(Which is the bottom of the canyon and twenty feet out and down from where I sit..)
So I haven't been around.
I hate plumbing drama.

Anyway, I think I'm going to sell the pig and get us two dragons. Your info helped me out.
At a 10.5ish barrel length... side blast is going to be vicious with the Lantac's... they will be effective, but...

I would consider a forward directing muzzle device... No reduction in recoil.. but the blast is directed away from you and the people to the side.

And.. if you ever "needed" to discharge the 10.5" from a vehicle you will be much happier with a forward directing muzzle device.

FWIW... Lantac has a Labor Day sale going on at their webpage. I think the 20% off coupon was Labor20 , or Laborday20
TTAG has a 3 part muzzle brake shootout with tons of data, charts and stuff. Looks like the dragon is in shootout #2

AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #2 -- TheTruthAboutGuns

I've had a KX3 , KX5 and a SF Warden and none of them reduce recoil or muzzle rise. I pretty much have suppressor mount brakes (cherry bombs, GA, warcomps) on all my guns except the 9mm's that have 3lugs. Yeah , they're loud without a can , but that what hearing protection is for.
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You can get the Dragon in Silencercos ASR thread and then use the ASR blast shield with the Dragon. That's what I have on my 10.5.
Aera 419 came out with what they call a Linear Flash Suppressor that reduces the muzzle flash. Runs about $150

There is a video of it.

Have one just haven't set it up yet.
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