Langlitz motorcycle leathers

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    Great condition set:

    1) Columbia Classic motorcycle jacket with detachable collar; extra insulation; extra hidden pockets; goat skin; dark brown

    2) Western cut pants with full length leg zippers; match to above item.

    Size: They were custom built for 5'11" XXL 270#; approximate size is adjustable up or down from ~50-52 coat, 48-50 pants.

    Never down, no damage, look better than new. Goat skin is supple and far more comfortable than the stiffer leather.

    New replacement is about $1800/18 month wait the last I checked with Langlitz.

    Can post photos.

    Will trade for proper 1911 + cash to be determined pending model 1911.
    Prefer 4" night sights Colt/Kimber platform. Would consider others.


    The leathers look way better live than in my photos.

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