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    A couple of days ago I received my third holster from Landshark Leather in Richmond, VA. Landshark is a small one man shop so he is open to custom work, has a quick turn around (relative to other custom leather shops) and is very reasonably priced. Fit and finish is as good as or better than any other custom holster that I have ever purchased.

    My first two holsters were modified versions of two of his standard products to fit the forward rear sights on my Detonics Combat Masters. Over a period of time we had a number of discussions about how the designs had to be modified and when they arrived they fit exzctly as requested and for no additional cost. The most recent holster is for my Springfield EMP and I asked him to tighten it up just a bit as the pistol is just that much smaller than a standard 3" 1911. Again, exactly as requested.

    If you value and appreciate a quality leather holster for your EDC then Landshark Leather is worth checking out. You can find them at:

    Side Note: I am not an employee of Landshark Leather nor have I been compensated in any way for this review; I just appreciate good quality leather at an affordable price. :)
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