Lancaster AK-74, new and unfired, nice gun

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by MaxwellEdison, Mar 29, 2010.

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    APRIL 3 EDIT: Sold Pending Funds.

    MARCH 30 EDIT: Just to "sweeten the pot" here, I will throw in an additional three 30-round mags with this extra $60 value. With these extra mags, I'm actually taking a slight loss on the rifle by selling it. But I already bought another rifle, so I'm really wanting to sell this one. $600 for the rifle and 4 mags is a good deal.


    Howdy folks...I'm a "newbie" here, but am a regular on (where I have almost 2,000 posts and great feedback.)

    I'm selling a new Lancaster-built AK-74 solely to fund the purchase of another rifle.

    This rifle is absolutely gorgeous. It has only been test-fired, with exactly 40 non-corrosive rounds shot through it to test for proper function. After that it was cleaned, and put away in the safe. I did an extensive review of this rifle, with pictures, right here:,+review,+lancaster&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    (This is a cached link, so it will look a little "funky". But all the pictures are there.)

    I am selling this rifle for exactly what I paid for it...$600. It is a good buy at that price.

    - I prefer a face-to-face transaction here in the PDX area, but will also mail the rifle to a FFL in Oregon or Washington (at your additional cost).

    - Buyer will need to sign a bill of sale, and provide an Oregon driver's license. I will not write the license number down, but I WILL need to see it to verify residency.

    - Rifle includes one 30-round magazine and a free hardcase for storage.

    Lancaster Bulgarian AK-74.jpg
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