Lamest Excuse For Not Reloading You've Ever Heard


Story time.. what have you heard?
One that sticks with me is "My time is worth more than that!".. regardless (but they probably don't send hundreds of .45-70 etc. downrange annually). lol..
That's a weak mouthing right there.
I understand that a couple bucks (or fifteen) will buy you a hamburger but you can (and many do) make a hamburger etc. much better for much less than that offered to pedestrians for x.. and you can make/have it when you want it. And it's paid for from the get go. anyway


I don't know how...

Seriously, lols, but I plan to learn and start buyin equipment as I can.

I didn't really care when I was shooting .22 and 7.62x39 but .308's are changing my mind quickly. I know there are more expensive rounds but a buck a round is plenty insentive for me to get interested :D


I don't know but some people's time is worth more than the money they save reloading. Just a fact. If you love to shoot, and have the money, but don't have the extra time required to reload it makes sense to me. I know several people that don't reload anything they aren't doing precision with. For example a lot of the guys that do PRS stuff, they only reload their .308/270/6.5/blah/blah because they get more consistent precision out of their hand loads. Otherwise they wouldn't waste the time.

Many people have to balance the time they don't have vs the money saved reloading.

Besides, reloading doesn't actually save you money, you just get to shoot twice as much for the same buck.
For most firearms, today's ammo is graded to a standard of quality that usually comes down to price. The more you pay the better the ammo. It wasn't always that way! In the past as there were fewer choices and money could not speed up your projectile in the fashion of today's marketing.
I never reloaded ammo to save money, I reloaded ammo to become a better shooter. Reloading can turn some rifles, pistols or shotguns into tack drivers. That is right I said shotguns. In particular I have a load that places a cast lead slug inside of a five inch circle at 100 yards every time out. It works with one shotgun barrel and on an old pump I picked up years back for cheep. I have taken some problematic bolt actions that shot 6'' at one hundred yards and brought them down to 5/8'', There were many regular factory bolt actions that would not shoot that I have tuned in under 3/4 of an inch @ 100 yards and a few that always shot touching the same hole three times for as long as I kept the arms around.
It is time consuming to make custom bullets but it sure builds ones confidence level knowing exactly what they are capable of doing five hundred yards out or so.
When they shoot straight it opens up a whole new level of shooting.
Silver Hand
I don't really think there are any "lame excuses" for not reloading... frankly, people who don't reload are the ones that guarantee the rest of us a constant supply of once fired brass and at the same time provide a ready market for factory reloaded ammo.

There have been plenty of times in my life where reloading wasn't worth my time... like when I was on a contract making $100/hr or more. Generally speaking, low volume single stage reloading really isn't worth my time any more. Even my precision reloads are now run on progressive machines.

Frankly an excuse of "because the economics don't make sense" is probably the best excuse out there, because that's really the crux of the issue. Reloading is a decision based on economics, if you can get off the shelf factory ammo that does exactly what you want for a price you like there's no reason not to do it. However, when you can't afford it, or the product you want isn't on the shelf that's when reloading really shines.
"It's so expensive to get starter" or "it's a lot of work and my time is worth more than the savings in ammo" these are usually people that might shoot a total of 500 rounds a year.


I'm probably setting myself up for a lot of abuse, but here goes; first off let me say that I am a reloader with more equipment and supplies than I could haul in a wheelbarrow. However, I think a lot of the lame excuses come from the reloaders trying to justify their purchases. " Yeah, I got the Dillon 1050 and the power case trimmer and automatic primer tube filler so I can save money on my 9mm rounds." Really? How many thousand boxes are you planning on loading?? Figure your time at however much you make at your employment and odds are you are working for far less at your reloading bench. Financially, it is far better to work a little extra at your job, buy the ammo and have time to shoot it. This is somewhat caliber-dependent of course. One certainly does better loading large or unusual calibers than 9mm.
Or "It's the only way I can get ammo good enough for my (whatever rifle, pistol, shotgun)." How many people's shooting ability outstrips a quality gun with quality ammo?? I know, I know, there are many occasions where reloaders have come up with a load that shoots better than factory, but how many average shooters could tell the difference?? And exactly how much is that 1/2" reduction in group size really worth??
I make no excuses for why I reload. I do it because I want to and I like to.
Figure your time at however much you make at your employment and odds are you are working for far less at your reloading bench. Financially, it is far better to work a little extra at your job, buy the ammo and have time to shoot it.
Depends. I get paid salary for a ~40 hour a week job. I could put in a 100 hour week and not see any increase in income in the short term. Now I could get work on the side delivering pizza, but I'd rather reload for zero wages.

I don't think there is anything such thing as a lame excuse for not reloading as it is hobby for most people, it is a bit like asking for the lamest reason given for not knitting. It would make a more sense to discuss lamest reasons for not wearing safety glasses or not smoking while reloading.


There a also a lot of people who are simply not 'wired' for the hobby of reloading. Lets face it - reloading is repetitive and procedural and requires dedicated concentration for a certain period of time and we all know people who cannot mentally orient themselves to it.


Some good points, of course.
One of the best excuses to not reload is if you get paid to shoot factory ammo all day long.
???.....Funny you should mention that. When I first started amassing the things you need to start loading, the guy I bought my used vibratory tumbler from said he was a rep of sort for a major ammo maker and didn't need the equipment he'd bought. The tumbler is still working fine.


It's a given that some people have tremendous money.
Many don't. I think (I don't know though) that 2000 9mm costs around $2000.. probably wrong though. You understand though.
For $2000, you can buy some dies, a mold, half a ton of lead, a bubblegumeton of primers and powder etc.. it's a force multiplier by up to a factor of fifty?. I can and do shoot 3/8" cheaper than .22lr, even back in and compared to the "old days".
"I don't want to blow myself up" Is my favorite. Those type might shouldn't be a reloading anyway.

I just got back into it for mainly crafting long range hunting/shooting ammo, At $40-80.00 a box for commercially made "premium" hunting ammo that I can replicate and far exceed performance for 11.50 to 14.00 a box, My returns are within reason.(Which I don't need to justify because I just want too do it and its therapeutic for me!)
The way thingsa re going- fewer newbies equals more--or at least some powder, so let them buy factory ammo and let the rest of us restock our depleted components back up to pre-Obamascare levels ........


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