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Discussion in 'Northwest Fishing' started by BigfootSpotted, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Ive heard there are cropie in these waters. I've been fishing on these lakes many times and never seen one, are they a myth or do they patrol there? Thanks everyone :)
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    Lk. Wa. has crappie. Used to catch them off the dock in Juanita Park all the time. They're also on the north end in Kenmore if you have a boat. Just watch out for the airplanes. Also in the slough. Saw kids catching them while I was hitting the links at Wayne golf course. Kids were also diving for golf balls and selling them for a few bucks a dozen....
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    Crappie like structure. Look for them in areas with flooded trees or around bridge pilings. Small jigs in either white or yellow work well. Minnows are the best if it is legal to fish with them where you are. Let your jig or bait rig go all the way to the bottom and then real a foot or two up. The bite is really light and their mouths tear easily so don't set the hook like you are power lifting. Fishing at night from a boat is sometimes really productive. Get a large piece of foam or something that will float, cut a hole in the center big enough to put the head of a cheap flashlight in, duct tape the flashlight with the head down to the edges of the hole. Turn the flashlight on and set the piece of foam with the flashlight pointing down into the water (obviously tether the foam and flashlight to your boat). The light will attract small minnows and other critters that crappie like to eat and will in turn attract the crappie. Drop your jig or bait right by the light.

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