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LA Statistics

Joe Link

[FONT=&quot]From the L. A. Times
1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.
2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.
10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.
(There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County . )

(All 10 of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States ' annual population growth (and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

We are a bunch of fools for letting this continue [/FONT]
I am just going to keep buying guns until the world falls to bubblegum... Glad I left cali.

Those welfare numbers will sure go up once NO-Bama is elected. ( god forbid )

Thx for the link, better learn to speak spanish, or teach my AK how too!
Those are pretty shocking numbers to find in print, considering the LA Times is a liberal rag.

I used to live in LA until April 2007. I went shopping at WalMart and it was like visiting Mexico, except the floors were clean. All the store signs were in Spanish with small English subtitles. WTF? When you go to Chinatown or Little Italy you expect to see some flavor of the "old country" in their small corner of the city. But LA is rapidly becoming New Mexico City, complete with Mexicans. Not Mexican-Americans; just Mexicans.
I'm not surprised that more people haven't taken matters into their own hands, but I really wish I was surprised.

With skyrocketing crime comes skyrocketing anxiety and tensions between the various cultural groups. The most powerful of which are letting themselves become the minority.
Pathetic, really - this self-destructive attitude.



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