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    ...just wanted to express my appreciation to the moderators here....

    I recently had contact w/ a person that was displaying some relatively mild dirtbag tendencies.

    He sent me a "Want it, have cash" PM w/ phone number, then never returned any calls or messages.
    This resulted in some lost sales for me and also affected those who wanted my item, who moved quickly on
    to other ads as is necessary at this particular moment in history.

    The general consensus was to hit him w/ a negative feedback. I posted instead, a neutral one w/ brief factual account and caveat that something may have happened to him.

    So this person immediately sent me feedback, which was obviously scathing and also indicating that he is indeed alive, cognizant, well and able to read, as well as attentive to his comms.
    I never even got to see this feedback, courtesy (apparently) of the administrators here on this forum.

    They're right on top of it, unlike some of the other sites.

    I appreciate it greatly. Though I got notice of the feedback, it led only to a blank web page.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! It really shows.

    ps....You guys need to add the smiley icon that's kneeling and worshipping w/ the outstretched arms :D

    and......I'd love to read what that guy said about me just for grins.
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