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So last week My wife was in Rite Aid and as she was looking at some things on the shelf a women walked by her and took her phone that was laying on our sons car seat... Well conveniently they do not have security camera's in the store except for at the check stands... So she came home and text-ed her phone and just asked that whoever had the phone please return it to Rite Aid, then she called and shut the service off....Then she called Verizon and had to spend $300 to replace her phone.

Well today when I was at work I get a call from the Manager of Rite Aid saying a girl had contacted him about the phone... She had evidently bought the phone off some crack head at the mall here in Albany for $300, and looked through the phone at all the pictures which were all of our some from the day he was born up to the day it got stolen (wife loves to take pix lol) So she was pretty bummed when it got stolen.. Well the manager gave the lady my wifes # and she called her... My Wife talked to her and the girl said she bought it off a dude at the mall for $300, and felt bad because she knew the phone was stolen, so she wanted to return the MEMORY CARD not the phone, my wife kept saying id like the phone and the lady was very adamant about saying she wanted to keep the phone but give us the SD card back, because she spent 300 and would have lost all that money (well sucks for her!) she even asked my wife if she would be willing to call Verizon and the police department to get the phone unreported stolen and to have Verizon unlock the phone for her! she even lectured her on the "sexy" pix on there and told her she shouldn't leave those kinda pix on there, because other people may see the, my wife replied WELL IF PEOPLE WOULDN'T"T STEAL MY PHONE NO ONE WOULD SEE IT!! ..my wife finally said to me that she just wanted the pix and that she could keep the phone if she wanted, as long as she got the pix, the lady left her name and # (1st mistake) and said she would call back later to make arrangements..

So I called the Albany PD and talked to an officer about it, and he got her # and name from me, and called her... the girl confessed to "buying" the phone for $300 and said she would return the Phone to the officer.. I told the officer we did not wish to press charges, because for one she had the decency to at least return the pix, and if I did press charges I would of had to take off work to go to court which would make me loose more $, and the officer agreed that the lady had already lost $300 and she was cooperative, so not pressing charges would be ok.. So in the end she drove to the Albany Police station and returned the phone, and now we have it.

The Officer was Overly Helpful with everything and called me many times through out the day to touch bases with me about all the information and back ground he had done.. Im thinking of writing a letter to the PD and thanking the officer for his service, I know its not a life saving matter, but still good to know that an officer was willing to go out of his way to make it right for me...

ALSO She said she went to the Verizon store and tried to activate it, but they said the phone was locked and couldn't activate it for her, SOO WHY THE H*LL didn't it come up stolen on their computers? I dont pay almost $200 a month for that, so Ima call them and give them a piece of my mind..
SOO WHY THE H*LL didn't it come up stolen on their computers? I dont pay almost $200 a month for that, so Ima call them and give them a piece of my mind..

I would call and give the company a piece of your mind... It blows mine that the store didn't keep the stolen property and call you.

Also who the heck spends $300 for a phone at the mall off of a "crack head" to boot? WTF?!?! Total scam
writing thank-you letters means something to cops- do it before too much time passes and yo forget/get busy/whatever. the letter goes in their personel file and will mean something when the officer is reviewed for promotion, special assignment, character evidence, etc. so in the RARE times i find a cop that's gone the extra mile for no better reason than to be a good guy, i try to get a well-written letter out addressed to their captain, ASAP.

a phone call to their supervisor gets 'em credit too.
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