Kubota Compact Diesel Tractor

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    Hey Guys,
    This might be off the wall for here, but something tells me that a lot of us have the same kind of interests, and I'm not the only guy that likes machines.

    Local markets all vary, but around my parts, this is worth about $10K in trade, and about $8500 in cash. I'll trade for guns, or we could always use another daily driver type vehicle in our family. Transportation would be on you, but I'll help where I can. Here is a cut an paste from my local tractor advertisement:
    This is a fantastic little B7100 Hydrostatic 4WD tractor. It was originally bought May31, 1996 from Jennings Tractor in Puyallup. Currently it has 186 hours on it. It was the pride and joy of the little old man that puttered around his five acres. Always garaged, in fantastic shape. It nearly looks new.
    Included with the sale are three Kubota suitcase weights, a Landpride Grooming Mower, Landpride Rototiller, and a Grader Blade. The three implements run off the 3-Pt hitch. The Blade has never been installed/used.

    Fires right up, no mechanical defects of any kind. This is truly a machine that needs no apologies.

    I will consider trades for a commuter car or truck of some kind. Ideally, I'll find a Honda Civic/Accord with an automatic transmission, or a Toyota Truck (tranny doesn't matter). Low miles, good on gas. Please, I don't want to trade you for your 1992 Pontiac Sunbird with 268K miles on it. KBB Private Party Values will be our guide. Of course, I'll take your cash as well. A $1500 non-refundable cash deposit will hold this for two weeks. You can take it home when you bring the rest of the cash.

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