Kriss Vector CRB like new! Less than 100 rds through it

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    I have a nearly brand new Kriss Vector .45 acp semi-auto w/ 16" barrel
    The weapon has had approximately 63 rounds shot through it since new.
    It has no problems or blemishes and shoots very well! These guns are known for being extremely accurate.
    If you know little about the vector go to youtube and check out the bit that the show "Future Weapons" did about it.
    I bought it thinking I wanted a short-mid range tactical carbine, but now realize I want something with a bit more power. I spend a lot of my time in the outdoors and need a gun that I can be confident will eliminate a bear or other large animal without too much thought.

    I paid $1,799 (almost $2000 after tax) when I bought it brand new.
    The gun has ZERO modifications and comes with one 13 rd magazine.

    .45 ACP
    AR style flip up sights
    Folding stock
    16" Barrel w/ shroud
    Freshly cleaned and lubricated for your convenience!

    I do recommend reading through the owners manual (which is available online for free in .PDF form) because it outlines the cleaning and appropriate use of this weapon.
    They are known for being very durable and having very low recoil with even less barrel rise, but certain ammunition (reloads and some +P rounds along with some of the cheaper forms of ammunition) cannot be fired through it.
    I have been using PMC Bronze and it has shot EXTREMELY well! in the users manual they outline the ammunition that it accepts (there are a bunch. some cheap and some expensive) and they update which ammo works the best regularly.

    I would like 1,800 OBO for it.
    I will consider trades with cash on top and straight trades.
    I DO NOT want any AR-15s. The only weapons of that style I would consider is an ACR or a SIG 556 or 556R, however, if you happen to have an AR style gun that you think might really catch my eye feel free to make an offer!
    I prefer higher caliber semi-auto weapons. something that can go end to end on a black bear or maybe something that can do that to a grizzly!
    I WILL ENTERTAIN ANY TRADE! There are so many guns out there I am sure something may catch my eye so please offer whatever you might have if you are interested!

    Feel free to E-mail me at:
    or call/text me on my cell: 360-367-0091

    Thanks for your time!
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    PM inbound 6/9/13 at 0754pst
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    I absolutely do not want any AR; Unless you have a AR to offer?
  4. Helitack111

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    Still available? And can you post pictures?

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