WTS WA Knife/Machete/Saw

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    I have this 'zombie' machete for sale. Bought it sight unseen... wasnt quite what I had in mind.

    20" good solid blade, saw back design (looks pretty rugged/useable) appears to be full tang with synthetic handles. Comes with a sheath

    (standard KABAR shown for size comparison)


    Trade for...

    AR mags (Lancer/Hex/Pmags)
    Beretta 92 mags
    45LC, 45ACP, .303, 7.62x39 or 9x18 ammo
    Also... heavy 5.56 ammo 62gr+
    Pyrodex (RS or P)
    FFg, FFFg or especially FFFg Black Powder
    New Model Vaquero Grips
    Chinese 20rnd fixed SKS magazine
    Makarov Grips, holsters, mags

    Meet in Vancouver / NE Portland
    WP_20150910_16_15_25_Pro.jpg WP_20150910_16_15_32_Pro.jpg
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