KNAACK 42 Beanie Baby storage chest

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    ...may also be used for My Little Pony and Cabage Patch dolls.

    KNAACK 42 locking metal box. Used on construction sites and such for securing tools and whatnot, I got it for secure doll storage. Was needing something that locked and found this to be significantly more secure than the little tin-can Homak and similar cabinets.

    I bought this up at ACME Construction Supply a few years ago, it has been inside the house most of its life, never outside, moved out into the garage for the last six months or so. That's where it received the couple little scratches it has. As mentioned, it has never been outside, in the back of a truck or anything of the sort. Pretty close to new say for the few small scuffs/scratches. Comes with the Master lock and keys.

    ACME's retail is $378. Price for this one is $ 200 in Salem.

    Just send me an IM here at NWFA


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    haha bravo best classified ad of the month

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