Klamath County Sheriff indicted

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    Frank Skrah, the elected Klamath County Sheriff was indicted by a grand jury. He is charged with prisoner abuse among other things arising out of an investigation by the Oregon Justice Department. Then a letter of intent to sue Skrah and Ron Patridge, Klamath District Attorney on a tort claim was sent to the DA. The alleged claim is related to a charge of sexual harassment against Skrah and of retaliation by Patrige against the complainent. A second employee then filed a sexual harrassment complaint against Skrah. The article was posted in the Klamath Herald and News. All I can say is if Skrah hit on either one of those women he is really desperate. Skrah has been a vocal opponent of gun control and SB-941. he sent a long letter to the Klamath County Commissioners expressing his opposition to the legislation and support for the second amendment. Could it be that this is payback and retaliation by the Department of Justice and the powers that be?
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    I'm not sure what to believe at this point. In previous instances Sheriff Skrah has shown great restraint. If we use other confrontations across the country, he had every reason to shoot this perp on the porch. But instead they carefully subdued him.

    Shots fired at Sprague River home
    Suspect fought with deputies, was subdued
    Posted: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    One male suspect was arrested this weekend after allegedly firing several shots from a Sprague River home and attacking the county deputies who took him into custody.

    Cody Joseph Brundage, 22, is suspected of firing at least five shots from his handgun while inside a residence in the 241900 block of Fifth Street.

    According to Sheriff Frank Skrah, eight deputies responded to the area after receiving several 911 calls there was an ongoing shootout. Skrah said the calls came in shortly before 8 p.m., Friday, and his personnel were on scene 20 to 25 minutes later.

    “When we got there … the shooting had stopped,” Skrah said.

    He added he had his deputies deploy in a tactical formation with assault rifles. Brundage, after shouting that he was not cooperating, exited the house holding a handgun.

    Skrah said Brundage was ordered to put the gun down and he allegedly did not comply.

    Several deputies got close and attempted to wrestle the firearm away.

    Three were hit in the head with punches or otherwise assaulted. Skrah said two fingers on Deputy Derek Randall’s right hand were dislocated during the scuffle. Deputy Randall stayed in the fight and continued to try and force the suspect to give up the weapon.

    Eventually, Brundage was subdued, disarmed and handcuffed. Several friends of his were still in the house, and they had apparently been trying to convince him to stop firing rounds, Skrah said.

    “He took the fight to the deputies,” the sheriff noted. “We’re fortunate he didn’t shoot anybody, fortunate he didn’t get shot.”

    Brundage was transported and examined at Sky Lakes Medical Center, where he was combative and restrained. He was booked into the jail late that night.

    Skrah said no one reported being injured from the shots he was firing from the Fifth Street home. It is unclear as of Monday where the bullets ended up, but five bullet casings were discovered in the home.

    Since he took office in 2013, Skrah said his deputies are responded to more than 20 tactical situations. In all instances, the deputies did not have to fire but were able to resolve the various situations by other means.

    Skrah attributes his office’s low rate of officer-involved-shootings to good training practices, as well as the extensive debriefing sessions that take place after each tactical situation.

    “You cannot ask for better cooperation from a group of people,” Skrah said of his deputies’ work responding to the incident. “Their deputies just keep coming back.”

    Brundage was booked into the Klamath County Jail on three counts of assaulting a public safety officer, resisting arrest and eight counts of reckless endangerment.

    In the jail’s booking log, Brundage is listed as a transient.

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    And while his letter was very strong, the Commissioners also took a stand in support of ignoring Salem & SB941:

    Klamath sheriff slams lawmakers over gun control bill

    Calls background check expansion 'bad piece of legislation'

    KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. - 4.29.2015
    The sheriff of Klamath County is mincing no words when it comes to a proposal before state lawmakers to expand background checks for private gun sales.

    Here's the statement issued Wednesday by Sheriff Frank Skrah, in full:

    "While I, as Sheriff of Klamath County, support keeping guns out of the hands of “CRIMINALS” this legislation (SB–941) appears to be nothing more than a further infringement upon those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.

    "Some may disagree with me, but I feel “Big Brother” need not know who owns a firearm. There are those in both state and federal government service who want that information and the compiling of information as to who owns a gun is not doing the peoples work.

    "As a cop for almost forty years I have seen and heard those who are vehemently opposed to lawful possession of firearms. We, in Oregon, presently have laws on the books to deal with criminals and guns.

    "We don’t need new laws to check the background of those who have the legal right to own a gun. We conduct background checks on those who “carry” (Concealed Carry Handgun Permits) and we do a very good job in that endeavor.

    "Upping the ante and requiring more Government Intrusion is not needed and not wanted by the vast majority of good hard working folks.

    "If I sell or give a gun to my neighbor should I or my neighbor be subject to a background check? My answer to that rhetorical question is a very firm NO!

    "Typical of government is to stack another law upon us! Folks in Salem: ….. We have that little obscure document called the United States Constitution.

    "It might be good for those in the state Legislature (as well as Washington D.C.) to look at that document. Read down to the Second Amendment: The right (our right) to keep and bear arms! ….. Without bureaucrats trying to make more decisions for us. I, as the Sheriff of Klamath County, will use the laws that are presently on the books to do my job.

    Senate Bill 941…NO THANKS!

    Stay safe,

    Frank Skrah, Sheriff

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    The Resolution:

    ) RESOLUTION 2015-____
    WHEREAS, the Klamath County Board of Commissioners recognize that the first and
    last protectors of the United States Constitution are the individual citizens of the
    United States, and the ability of the citizens to fulfill that role rests in large part on the
    citizen's right to bear arms as guaranteed within the Second Amendment of the
    Constitution; and
    WHEREAS, Klamath County Board of Commissioners supports these rights as
    interpreted by the United States Supreme Court and opposes any current state or
    federal laws that unconstitutionally restricts the citizen rights held within the Second
    Amendment; and
    WHEREAS, Klamath County Board of Commissioners opposes any additional state or
    federal laws, regulations or restrictions on the Constitutional Rights held within the
    Second Amendment; and
    WHEREAS, the criminal element does not follow the laws currently in place, therefore,
    creating additional restrictive laws will do nothing to increase compliance, but will
    increase the work load on law enforcement; and
    NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Klamath County Board of
    Commissioners opposes the use of any County resources, including but not limited to,
    funds, employees, buildings or any other resources in the enforcement, promotion or
    support of any additional state or federal laws, regulations or restrictions on the
    Constitutional Rights held within the Second Amendment; and;
    DONE AND DATED this ____ day of February, 2015.
    The record shows the Resolution was Approved on Feb 3, 2015 by County Commissioners:

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    My point is, its not just Sheriff Skrah standing against SB941. So if the State is retaliating, you would think they would be attacking Klamath County Commissioners as well. Of course DC & Salem have been against Klamath County for YEARS by choking the economy every chance they get.

    As for Patridge I don't know. Is he still involved with running OLCC?
    (Can't believe OLCC still hasn't approved liquor license for Harriman Springs Resort since spring. Oregon jerkwads literally cost the owners a lot of money missing the prime season - their first season open. So if Patridge is responsible, then there's more reason to mistrust him.)
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    I smell a rat. Not in anyway saying he (they) are totally innocent, but he was too vocal against the state.

    Everybody has dirt. Give someone a reason to start looking for it...

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