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    I went there for the 1st time 2 months ago now and the staff was sooo Friendly and the range was awesome people were great. I bought a membership for 60.00 for a year plus 40.00 to have access to range anytime--This is only a one time fee. I drive and hour to get to this range but It is worth it the staff rocks and members are very nice pleasant place to shoot with members and non members!! I was extremely impressed that was worth the membership and the hour drive! Kudos to them
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    I am a member at KRRC for the last several years. I pay the usual $60 a year fee for membership and put in at least ten hours a year in working parties.

    The staff there is all volunteer. They depend totally upon members to keep the range in good repair. While the range is able to pay for some of the heavy equipment that is used to repair berms, most of it is donated by the members. I donated the 1985 Bronco II that was converted into a pickup truck. :) It is funky looking, but works for now.

    I like this range because it has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All members attend a safety and orientation class before using the range. This means we can run the range ourselves instead of depending on a safety officer being present at all times. Much better than the strict "kindergarten" controls I have seen at public ranges. There are no caliber restrictions, legal title 2 weapons are allowed as are cannons. I was told that I had to speak to a range officer if I brought a breech loading cannon there though. :)

    The KRRC used to be on DNR land. This land was swapped with Kitsap county land recently. When the land swap was in the works, there was a meeting at with the county commissioner where several hundred people showed up to support the club's presence on the land. I was most impressed with the old ladies (+60 yrs) that spoke out in support of the club. The KRRC membership was concerned that Kitsap county would back out on the lease after it acquired the land. In the end the land was swapped and the county sold it to the club.

    I have heard it is not all good news though. While the land was taxed as "nearly worthless" due to lead contamination in the past, now it is a valuable piece of real estate because the club owns and uses it as a rifle range and might be taxed accordingly. I am also hoping that the range is extended to 1000 yards like was planned on in the past. If anyone has better info, please post. Thanks.

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