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    I have 2 tickets with great seats for the KISS Motley Crue concert at the Sleep Country Amphitheater on Sunday August 19, 2012
    Section 204 (which is Dead Center) Row C seats 15 and 16. There are no other seats available in the section that I have been able to find online.:rockstar:

    The closest seats I have been able to find for comparison purposes is on a resale website in section 203 which is just off center, with seats that were further back than mine and they were asking $304 per ticket. Section 102 just in front of these seats are going for $1399 on ticketmaster. They are just barely in front of you for almost 10 times the price. This is a great deal for 2 great seats in a great section.

    My wife doesn't want to go so I must let these go. :banghead: Great opportunity for someone. First PM of I'll take it, for $300 cash takes both tickets. Saves you all the fees they charge. Can also mail them insured return receipt with a USPS money order if you want them mailed to you for $10 more. I think my feedback score should give you confidence. PM any questions. :rockon:

    $20 off if you are supporting member of NWFA to reward you and if you are not a supporting member you can be for only $20 and still get the tickets for $300 total out of pocket. :peace: SOLD
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