Kirby Wilbur returning to KVI in January

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    Pro-2A Seattle talk icon Kirby Wilbur returning to KVI in January

    Conservative talk radio pioneer KVI in Seattle made it official during the 8 o’clock hour something that will delight conservatives, and especially Second Amendment activists in and beyond the Puget Sound region: Kirby Wilbur will be back on the air starting Monday, Jan. 4, time slot to be announced.

    Freeze on Colorado shooting shows how conspiracy theories are born

    What appears to be a sudden clamp down yesterday on information related to the Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado Springs last Friday, as noted in Sunday’s report by WPTV, is a textbook example of how conspiracy theories are allowed to form.
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    This is
    good considering we just lost David Boze on KTTH who was also a
    staunch pro-Second Amendment commentator
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