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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by sadiesassy, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Maybe an insurance company person could comment.

    On the thread about the gentleman protecting his family - Sorry to see it happen to him.

    But if it comes to some damages where you would look for insurance to clean up damages if they were extensive. ( Broken windows, doors, blood clean up , replacement of carpet - what ever might occur)

    Does anything happen to the property owner - in terms of denying or cancelling insurance because he used a gun to protect himself?? Obviously the chances of recovering cost from the criminal are pretty small.

    Just curious - I just renewed my insurance after moving and in going through it - I did not realize that Theft was not an automatic coverage - but an added endorsement ( Translate $$). Really surprised what a basic policy covers vs different versions and how much stuff is covered by "Endorsements". Means every time someone sues and wins - the insurance companies provide additional "Endorsements" to cover that incident.

    If anyone could comment _ I would appreciate it.

    I assume Liability would cover any issues if the criminal tried to sue? General Liability ? Umbrella Liability?
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    Depends on your policy. Most policies these days are "all risk" policies which means all direct damage to the property unless excluded under the policy. Some older policies will only cover damages caused by specified in the policy. So you should probably check you policy. If you have a homeowner's policy it would cover your personal liability. The policy usually excludes injuries that you intend to cause;however, I have seen a lot of policies that are now saying the intentional injury exclusion doesn't apply if you are defending yourself or your property.

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