Kimber Ultra CDP-II -- great small & light carry .45

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    $1000FTF Trades listed at the bottom of the ad, look down...

    [span style='font-weight: bold;']Only interested trades are a gen 3 Glock 19 in OD[/span]

    add $30 to ship CONUS to a dealer who will accept from individual.

    Gun is probly mid 90's as far as condition %. The bore, chamber, rifling, throat, and muzzle are bright and shiny. This was my carry gun for the last couple years, so it's got the normal wear from that. There's no physical damage at all, just the normal holster wear on a couple of the surfaces and some "darkening" of some of the steel; no rust though of course.

    I will miss her dearly, but she has been relegated to the safe for awhile now, so its time to put her up for sale.

    Comes with one factory 7rd mag, 3 KimPro tac 7rd mags, and one KimPro tac 8rd mag.




    I will take a Gen 3 Glock 19 w/night sights in partial trade, one in OD green is MUCH preferred.

    I also need:

    - Boyd's Tacticool stock for my Savage MKII .17hmr

    - Nikon M-223 3-12 for mah vermin rifle

    - Some type of optic for my 300 aac blk SBR upper (1-4x maybe?)

    - big box 'o 300 blk brass (or process/convert my 556/223 brass into it)

    - .30 cal 175gr SMK boolits

    - large (200-220gr) .30 cal gameking type bullets for deer hunting with the 300 blk

    - 5rd AR mags ( a couple of them)
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    higher end optics interest you? pm me if you are

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