WTT OR KIMBER Super Carry Pro 1911

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    Up for trade!

    My beautiful Kimber Super Carry Pro 4" for your Kimber Super Carry Ultra 3" or one of the black HD models.

    This is my absolute favorite handgun, but there are a few variations of this same gun that suit me just a little better. I'll add $100-$200 cash to sweeten the trade if you have what I'm looking for:

    Kimber Super Carry Ultra
    Kimber Super Carry Ultra+
    Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD
    Kimber Super Carry Pro HD

    If your trade isn't listed, you're still welcome to send me an offer but it better be good because I think I've got my mind made up on this one! I'll always reply. I'm in Salem, happy to meet anywhere from Eugene to Portland. Thanks!




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