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Kimber Pro Crimson Carry

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Starship, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Starship

    Starship NE Portland Active Member

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    Okay, Christmas is coming and Supreme Commander says go for it.

    Sooo, been doing some of the research thing. Looking at the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry 4 inch model. Anyone have one or know anyone that does?

    How about recoil on a 4inch 45 ACP??

    Any and all comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. joken

    joken Corvallis Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I just bought a Dan Wesson CCO with a 4.3" barrel and it's a lot of fun. It's light, but I don't notice any difference in recoil from 5" all steel 1911.
  3. RedneckRampage

    RedneckRampage Newberg Well-Known Member

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    I had the Pro Carry II, so the same thing without laser grips. I loved it and have been considering buying another. I really kinda wish I didn't get rid of it. I think the "pro" size Kimbers are "the bee's knees" for carry and fun shooting. I'd say go for it! Mine was very accurate 3-4" group at 20ish yards.
  4. Kimber Custom

    Kimber Custom Vancouver, WA Bronze Vendor Bronze Vendor

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    You're welcome to shoot my 4" Kimber Custom w/CT grips. It's my DC and I work over by TPTS. I can meet you over there at lunch. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  5. evltwn

    evltwn Gold Hill Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I've love my pro carry...it "pushes" more than recoils...one sweet .45...
  6. edogg

    edogg Western Washington Active Member

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    I had a Pro Carry for awhile. I thought the lightweight .45 would be fun to shoot. It wasn't...

    For fun shooting, a full size steel 1911 is a lot better than an aluminum compact. My friend has the steel framed Eclipse compact and that was more fun to shoot than the Pro Carry. Long story short, the Pro Carry is gone and a full size Royal has taken its place.

    Now if you're looking for a lightweight carry 1911, then the Pro Carry is a great choice.
  7. tlakidd

    tlakidd Eugene Member

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    I love both of my pro carry (1-9mm and 1-.45) but my preferred carry is the ultra carry with crimson trace. The 9mm Advantage is simply cheaper ammo. My only recommendation is if you buy a used one that does not have crimson trace on it and you want the crimson trace grips, don't by the CDP or any Kimber with ambidextrous safety. The CDP or other Kimber with ambidextrous safety creates a problem for the crimson trace grips as the right side thumb safety hits the laser grip. If you want to buy new take a look at Bakers Shoes in Eugene. They have several in stock and there prices are awesome. Ask for Randy, he will teat you right.

    In regards to the recoil, it is very manageable and fun to shoot.
  8. techieguy

    techieguy Well-Known Member

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    I've had two Pro Carry models...a Pro Carry II and Pro Carry TLE-RL. The recoil difference is negligent compare to any my government models. The difference for me is the additional 1" sight radius makes me more accurate. But hey any of the PC Kimbers are nice!
  9. OregonBuzz

    OregonBuzz Grants Pass Member

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    My Kimber Ultra CDP II is my primary carry and training weapon. I'd be lost without it. I have NEVER had a malfunction in some 3000-3500 rounds. That model is a 3". Recoil? YOU BETCHA. But I don't fire it that much at one range trip. The only gripe I have about it is the factory checkering on the grips. It's SHARP, and I don't mean pretty. The first time I used it at a course at OFA, by the end of the day grabbing that thing was like pickin' up a porcupine. So I got a set of Hogue grips, much easier on the hand. I've also since then knocked the points off the checkering. Can't go wrong with Kimber IMO.