Kimber Polymer Target w/ Caspian slide and 3 mags

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    I am looking to sell or trade my Kimber Polymer target with an upgraded Caspian slide and glow sights, it's got probably between 400-500 rounds trough it and it shoots wonderfully. I have three 12 round mags for it, two of which are unused. I also have the original case, the slide removal tool was lost but I've improvised one that works just the same. I really enjoy this gun and i would keep it but I'm looking for something smaller to carry and I already have a full sized .45 that i really like. I'm looking to sell the gun for $1000 or possibly trade it for a compact kimber, preferably one with the rounded heel on the grip. I would also consider a nice 9mm or a nice AR, preferably a sig 556 swat, any trade would be +/- cash as needed, feel free contact me with any questions.




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