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[SPF] I received this in a trade and while it is very, very nice, it just isn't for me. Where else can you find a Kimber .45 ACP for under $700? :) This is a Commander sized Kimber 'Poly Pro Carry', and while the original mag was a 10 round, this comes with a 13 round Mec-Gar mag. Original mags available on Gun Broker for about $35. This model, and a sister model, were only made for a few years. Round count is unknown but from the condition of the Kimber I would suspect it to be very low. I'll let the pix speak for themselves. BTW, I also have all of the paperwork and the orginal case... This is not a Series II pistol, and does not have the Colt Series 80 style firing pin block (Schwartz) safety on it. These were made, by Kimber using the BUL 5 lower from Isreal. Price is now $650 .

Must be shipped to an FFL who will receive from a private seller. Will ship Insured for $22.

Magnum - No Night Sights ... Just standard ....

jstagg - I appreciate the interest but I am not interested in a Taurus at this time ...

Jordan - The grip is thinner than a Para ... feels good ...

BTW, comes with the original case, accessories and paperwork too ..... Pix Added ...
I appreciate the great offer but will have to take a pass .... Thanx anyway ... :)

Please, no long gun offers - Thanx
That is the original finish on the Kimber .... 'may' trade up or down on another 1911 .... $650 is as low as I can go on it ..... Thanx for asking ..


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This is a very good deal, these are great guns, pre series II, 14 rounds....all the fun and upsides of a 1911 with the capacity of a Glock.

in case anyone's wondering 14 round mags are readily available at $24.95 from Midway...

Mines a very solid shooter
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