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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by supergenius, Feb 19, 2012.

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    While shooting at Sam's today, by the time I was done everyone had left the bay I was in besides 2 guys that JUST came in.

    While packing my bubblegum (Ya I said it) to leave... I noticed an "extra" case lying up there behind some of my stuff. A Kimber plastic case smaller than the ones used for guns. Opened the case and it was a BRAND NEW Complete Kimber 22lr conversion kit slide barrel mag etc.. Litterally looked to not ever been fired.

    I have really good karma of things of mine coming back to me when I "lose" them, (wallets, cell phones, CASH etc). Sooo......Turned it in to the "friendliest Sams employee ever" at the front desk after Id hid my phone number in it so that the owner would call when he got it to make sure he did... I would have been pissed.

    After the fact I was thinking, man... I know there aren't any cameras in there... Sure glad that happened and I FOUND IT instead of some jackhole.Got a call tonight from a very happy person. Feel pretty good right now :O)

    If you're on here you're welcome :O)
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    Good for you. My luck runs good and bad. I left my best set of darts at a pub once. Friend of mine spotted them the next day in the bucket of house darts :eek: and returned them to me. Lost my favorite putter (long story but yes, I was sober) at a local golf course. Never was turned in.

    People leave guns at our range every now and them. They almost always come back for them. I've never been told what happens to the orphans.

    One girlfriend many years ago was moving and had a drawer fall out of a chest and off the back of a truck. A complete stranger saw it fall, picked it up, and caught up with her to return it. There are some terrific people out there.
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    I was at the gunshow yesterday with my wife. We had sat down to take a break at the eating area, and were just conversing. There were two men seated at the same table also talking. They got up shortly after we sat down, and walked away. A couple of minutes after they left I noticed something on the floor where they had been sitting. I walked over there, and picked it up. It seemed to be some kind of shotgun part in a plastic tube kinda thing. I looked around but didn't see them, and frankly, didn't remember exactly what they looked like. I asked a couple of guys that were sitting to the side of they table if they remembered what those people looked like. One of them said that one of the guys was wearing a red shirt with a hat. They looked around and spotted them at a booth not far away.

    So I took the part over there, excused myself for interrupting their conversation, showed the part, and asked them if they recognized it. The red shirted man's friend checked in his pocket, and got a surprised look on his face. He said that he had purchased that part a bit ago, and paid about $100 for it. He didn't realize it was missing. So I gave the part to him. They both thanked me profusely. I walked away with a good feeling inside.

    In afterthought, I hope I found the real owners. It would be easy for anyone to say that it was theirs. But I think I did.

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