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On the way back from our hijinks in Eugene, we stopped by a Crapbellas while doing some other shopping. An interesting piece caught my eye. The Kimber Bel Air in 919㎜ Parabellum. It is a 6+1 shot, single-action "micro", I supposed, based upon the 1911. It is a little bigger than my PPK/S and about as thin. And the styling is delightfully wacky:

I don't know anything about Kimbers. Yea or nay?
Back in the day they were good, when they were made in Tualitin. Today's Kimbers are not what they used to be.
You might get a good one, you never know. Some seem to have good luck, some not so much.
I have a Kimber Ultra II Bel Air (in 9mm), and also its little brother the Kimber Micro 9 Bel Air. The picture you posted is the Ultra II Bel Air (a true 1911 action) and the link you posted is to the Micro 9 Bel Air (a clone of the SIG P938) so I don't know which one you are asking about.



The styling is obviously influenced by the 1955-57 Chevy Bel Air in Larkspur Blue.


I'm surprised you found an Ultra Bel Air II at Cabela's because they were rather limited production. The Micro 9 Bel Air is still available and there is also a Micro Bel Air in .380ACP.

I haven't fired a lot of rounds through either one of them but I haven't had any problems. The Micro 9 is less pleasant to shoot than my SIG P938s that Kimber copied. The Micro 9 has a checkered mainspring housing that makes the recoil a little unpleasant. No discomfort with the Ultra II version, probably because it is heavier and the mainspring housing isn't checkered.

As seen by the comments above they aren't for everyone but I like the looks of them.
Thanks @BSG 75. Honestly, I am not exactly sure what variant I saw. I just googled it when I got home and posted a pic of what was closest to what I saw. It was definitely in 919㎜ Parabellum though. Said chambering, in a flat profile, with a single-action trigger, and a bit of flamboyant style caught my eye. But if there are quality-control issues, I am not going to bother. I just don't have the time to deal with said these days.

I appreciate the details and feedback. :)

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