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    I finally got someone else in my family to get interested in shooting, and it was my daughter shooting with the 4H junior club. It was great until she wanted to get deeper into position shooting and wanted me to do it with her. Then I found out how much really good position rifles cost, so now I have to generate some funds. I originally bought this Kimber with the idea of cutting it down for my daughter, but even cut down to a 16" barrel to add a bloop tube it would still be way too heavy for her. I was going to keep it and use it myself, but I'm spoiled with my Anschutz silhouette rifle so now I want an Anschutz position rifle for her (and eventually one for me! :) ). That means this one needs to go to someone that will use it.

    I had my dad in Alabama go in and pick this one out for me at the Civilian Marksmanship Program south store. I've only shot it on three occasions, and it shot amazingly well from the bench as well as in prone with a handstop and sling. As you can see from the pictures below, the wood on this rifle is beautiful and it's in the shape you'd expect for only having been shot on three trips to a covered range. It does have one tiny dent in the wood on the left side just above the trigger. You have to view the big version of the picture and it took me a few tries to get it to show in a picture because it's small but I still like to be thorough in descriptions. As the picture shows, it also has all three spacers that came with it to adjust the length of pull. This is a fairly large, heavy target rifle that has the rail on the foreend for handstops, target bipods, etc. The Civilian Marksmanship Program sold out of these rifles long ago and they are getting more valuable every day. If I didn't need to generate some funds, I'd keep it and let the value keep going up.

    Here are pictures of both sides of the gun, as well as the box, manual, allen wrenches and sight inserts, and certificate of authenticity. Click on each picture to see a much bigger version of it.

    The price on this one is $550 without sights or $650 with the target sights that are basically Kimber copies of the very expensive Anschutz sights. Before anyone has to say it, I do know that I could probably get more for this gun but I wouldn't feel right making a big profit on a CMP rifle since that's against the spirit of what the CMP is. The rifle will come with the original box from CMP, as well as the certificate of authenticity and manual. If the sights are purchased with the gun, the extra sight inserts will also be included. Purchaser will need to show me a WA state driver's license or ID card to verify WA residency to buy this rifle.

    Please email me at jason(at) or call/text me at 425-737-2229 between 10:00am and 8:00pm for more info.
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