Kesselring Gun Shop -What happened?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Elmer F, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Wow! These guys should have their own TV show! Outlaw Hillbilly Guns?
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    It is sad, I live by Kesselrings and have been going there since the 70`s they used to be a great place to go to and were helpful and friendly. I could not begin to count how many hours I spent there shopping and getting helpful information and always a fair deal. In the late 80`s or early 90`s they started to change and by the time the 94 crime bill passed I stopped going there due the attitude change as well as pricing. If I remember right I stopped seeing the father there as much or at all. I have gone in a few times in the last year or 2 and each time told myself I should forget about coming back. They had one salesman who was one of the best I have seen in a gunshop, I would come in and he would say "I got something to show you" and would pull out a firearm I might be interested in or some new reloading supplies. He was like that with all the regulars remembering their likes and not only helping them but recommending to them sadly he left about the time I stopped going in there. They got to the point it was what do you want? give me your money now leave.
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    ATF must not near the staff / enthusiasm up this way that they did down in CA/NV area. A friend and his business partner had a compliance inspection - the ATF inspectors started by grabbing guns off the shelf and asking them to locate the SN in the books. All went well with that part, then they took the bound book and started pointing to random SNs in the book and asking them to locate the gun. In all honesty the shop was huge and often looked like a tornado had been through. After hunting for several firearms that were on the list one of the owners was getting frustrated and when they selected another item from the book and told him to "fetch" again he turned to them and said "that would be a physical impossibility". The ATF didn't find much humor in the statement and shut them down for a week while they did a colonoscopy on the shop checking every item in the shop against the bound book.
    I've never seen anyone allowed to continue operating missing dozens of guns from the books let alone thousands missing, and then a few years later these guys were missing another 95? How does this happen?
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    Probably setting them up for another fast & furious
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    I had a related issue with an East Portland pawn shop - it took me an hour to get my gun out of hock: they INSISTED I spell out SE of "SE Street" (South East Street) which is hard to do in the crowed ATF forms / seems they DID NOT WANT TO GIVE ME MY GUN! Some young punk (appropriate term for his attitude) so-called manager kept finding new stupid things wrong with my filled out form... a form I have used DOZENS of times, and had to fill out again and again about 5 times for that punk. That punk kept saying: the ATF wants it that way now! However the ATF WEB site says to use your OFFICIAL ADDRESS just as is on your ID (Driver's License)!! I suspect they were trying to pull a fast-one some how; ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT PUNK REALLY WAS UP TO??? That Punk initially gives the impression of a hyper-salesman/con-man! Maybe that punk really HATED the shop and/or HATED gun owners and was trying to torpedo either or both??? I never went back!

    On the contrary at "Hocker's Locker" on 82nd I never had such issues! I was able to pawn any gun for a few needed bucks then redeem it later with my standard address and answers as in the past! Both sets of forms were the same.
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    If you ever bought a gun from Kesselring's you should hold onto it. They did you a patriotic service if they happen to have 'lost' the paperwork according to the feds. Records of 'thousands of guns were missing', I doubt all of them went to just them and their family members. They did what is right, for many people in the State of Washington hopefully.
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    Maybe the kid liked the look of your gun.
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    I would hawk one of my kids, or pimp out my wife before I'd pawn one of my guns. ;)

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