WTS OR Kershaw, CRKT, Spyderco, SOG, EDI

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    Thinning out my collection a little, Need to buy a revolver for my daughter who is turning 21 soon and getting her CCP.
    Only trades would be in part for a S&W Airweight, ladysmith or ruger LCR or LCRx
    1) Kershaw Zing RJ Martin design 1735OR 14c28n steel discontinued made May 2009 I do not have a box for this one. Has been carried one time but has never cut anything. Flips nicely, centering is slightly to the non locking side. $old
    2) CRKT Ikoma Fossil Large w/Veff serrations Carried 1 time but never used. Centering and lock up are perfect. Flipping on this one is super super smooth. Has box $50
    3) SOG Flashback Large AUS-8 super fast assist on this one, sog claims the fastest out there. Has been carried cut some cardboard still has factory sharp edge centering is a bit to the left, nice deep carry clip no box. $55
    4) Spyderco Harpy Old school one with the ATS-55 steel Knife is in good shape. Carried for a while long ago normal scuffs and stuff on the scales for a knife being almost 20 years old. Blade is sharp but the tip could use a touch up, no box. $40
    5) EDI Genesis this one is also pretty old and this one is beat up. The liner lock slips but has never closed on me been sharpened many many times. It has ATS-34 steel blade g10 scales and titanium liners. It needs some love, and price will reflect that $30
    6) POS Survivor its only saving grace is it has aus8 blade but it has rust pitting on the handle. this one is going to be free to the first one who buys one of the other ones Gone
    7) Spyderco Manix 2 XL S30V user blade but near new, only a few apples and some cardboard cut. has one very light scratch centering is perfect 34 degree polished edge. Has the box $old
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