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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by AMX1000, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. AMX1000

    AMX1000 Lafayette New Member

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    Hello all. New to the site. I Have a NEW SU16A that I bought, I know its a cheap rifle and what its purpose is so I dont want the "its a P.O.S. shouda bought a mini 14 deal". I bought it because it is very compact and light to have around when im on trips.
    The issue I have and have not found online is will only fire with the kel-tec mags it came with the two 10 rds in the stock. I bought some 30rd Pmags and went to the range and loading the first round it takes the bullet and slams it in between the ramp and stock and actually flattened the tip of the round. my friend that was with me had me try three different mags he had, one of them steel. Still no luck. put the Kel-tecs in....no problem. Thinking of taking the dremel to smooth out the feeding ramp/stock. Any one had this problem?
  2. bmgm37

    bmgm37 Coos Bay Active Member

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  3. jmurray192

    jmurray192 wilsonville oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Yes +1 also just call keltec the guys there are nice and very helpful. They will fix it right.
  4. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    I use to have a SU16C that had all kinds of issues with jams and feeding, both with the factory mag and normal AR mags. It would function slightly better with rounds with a shorter OAL (most of the ammo I shot through it were reloads), but after awhile I got sick of messing with it and sold it off at a big loss (and yes, the buyer was told the gun was unreliable) rather than hassle with sending it in to keltec.

    Also, trying to "smooth" anything on a gun with a dremel is probably not a good idea and will likely void the warranty. I speak from experience. Your best bet is to call keltec.