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Kel Tec service is the BEST

Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by bivy53, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. bivy53

    bivy53 Longview, Wa. Active Member

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    I know that this forum is more geared toward local business, but I have to tell y'all
    about this. I ordered a part for my gen 1 p-32 from the kel tec website, and recieved the
    CORRECT PART, WITH NO FREIGHT, IN 2 DAYS! FROM FLORIDA! Love the pistol, and the company, and I think I see a PF-9 in my near future.

    By the way, if you haven't already, please try Gator's Custom Guns in Kelso. Great people, great prices, and VERY knowledgeable gunsmith. Now Class 3.
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  2. tdocz

    tdocz Beaverton Member

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    Thumbs up! :thumbup:

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  3. Squidly

    Squidly Sandy Active Member

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    I have no problems with my PF-9. I carry it every day, pop a few rounds every month. Not my most accurate pistol, but easy to carry in the summer and stone cold reliable.
  4. Allfat

    Allfat Marion County Active Member

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    I have a PF9 that I carry occasionally. I have had 2 experiences with Keltec CS and both were outstanding.

    When I first bought the pistol, I was having failure to extract really often. I call them, they sent parts for free. I replaced the extractor and spring and never had a problem since.

    The other experience was when I tried to take down the slide for a thorough cleaning. The firing pin would not come out. I made a tool to punch it out from the breech end, and it was really deformed. I found out that this was because of dry-fire with no snap caps. I called their CS and explained my situation and told them that I wanted to order parts, they said don't worry about it and sent them for free. I was expecting to buy the new parts, but they sent them free anyways, even after admitting that it was me who damaged the parts. I was impressed.

    Keltec CS is great.
  5. CharonPDX

    CharonPDX Portland, OR Active Member

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    Yup, had to send my P11 in for repair last year, they did it fast, and ridiculously cheap. (Not the original owner, so no warranty.)