WTS OR Kel-Tec PMR 30 .22 magnum 30 round capacity. SPF for asking price

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    Please understand when I started to go through many emails just a bit ago I found more than expected and did not expect to spend my evening trying to respond to everyone who wants to buy my gun. Have kids, dinner to make and all that fun stuff so please give at least a day rather than a couple hours prior to posting I am not responding to people. I will not be able to respond to every trade offer instantly. Will do my best but I need to look a gun up for reviews and such if it is new to me. Just give a day please prior to getting too anxious about me not getting back to you. A few quality trades to consider and hopefully more from here as I prefer to see people with feedback over Armslist and outdoorstrader and as of now not many have responded on here at all. Likely cause post has been up for less than a few hours.

    Picked this up hoping it was the answer to my wifes HD gun issues. She does not like the fiber optics and thinks it is too big...Well I cannot afford this unicorn if it is just going to sit in my safe unless other guns sell. This is unfired NIB with the 2 30 rd mags and 2 boxes of CCI TNT 30gr and one box of regular CCI MAXI mags 40gr.
    Tracking the ammo cost me a lot more in time and money than I want to admit but I wanted to be able to break it in properly. I am sure most of you know these are listed at up to 800 even used. I am wanting only my money for the brand new gun and for the ammo it took a full day to get. 650 cash or will look at trades at a little closer to the 7 mark.
    I had to post on the sites I cannot stand when NWFA was down yesterday and my box is full although I am asking a bit more on those sites. I would prefer to sell through here. Trades considered would be guns that are a little more rare but not collector guns..Kinda like the one you are looking at. Nice handgun caliber carbines. Quality pistols. Even a nice .22 pistol plus cash or a good compact carry gun in .380, 9, 40, maybe 45 plus cash depending on the gun.
    Before anybody cries foul about the cost do some research on the going rate. I am just getting back what I had to put in for this impossible to find piece. Will need BOS and prefer CHL but ODL works. having trouble with pics but you can see the add here...
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    Give me a call five four one two six one zero one three two!
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    I have been trying to get a reply to come with cash (on armslist),I'm in tigard. I also have the AR you asked about. Check my ratings. And a nice 380 package + cash. Basically any scenario you asked about I have covered.
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