Kel-tec p32 and p3at

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by AnthonyNorfleet, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Both are gone pending meeting friday! I will close add when sale is final.

    SEND ME SOME TRADE OFFERS, I would rather trade for another carry gun than sell.

    I have 2 kel-tec that I want to either sell or prefer to trade for other firearms. Specifically a good carry gun in a more substantial caliber than the 32acp or the 380. I really like sigs and H&Ks but I like glocks and other quality carry guns to. If you have something else you think I might like feel free to shoot me an offer. I would really like a nikon D5000 but thats a real stretch.
    The p32 is in 98% condition with little to no wear on it, it had a stainless slide and the factory pocketclip installed.
    The p3at has had the grip stippled and has a black slide. I have 2 extra magazines for the p3at and some extra parts to go with it. I have a pocket holster and an iwb holster that could be worked into a trade. I also have approx $100 in ammunition to add to the right deal.
    I am asking $325 for the p3at with 2 extra mags, one of the holsters and extra parts.
    $275 for the p32 with the pocketclip and one of the holsters. The ammo is to even out a trade only and will not be sold for cash. I am in Silverton, Oregon and will only sell to legal oregon residents.

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