kel-tec cnc. inc. 9mm

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    bought this as a spare for me and just sold my wifes and bought her a ppk so i just would like to sale this one to make up the difference in what i spent.
    model is a p-11 pkb-parkerized / black grip
    it is a 9mm with about 150 rds through it's life. i bought this new as well at the powder horn before they closed their doors for good. though i did not get the nice sale price for it. i have the box reciept one mag and 50 rds of fmj that go with it maybe one mag of 10 of core bonds as well just depends. racks smooth and no holster wear. was usually in my dash board rack. asking 300$ pretty firm with that due to low round count and box of ammo. the ammo is just remington fmj.
    please you need a valid odl. and or a chl. not really up for ffl but i can do that in hillsboro if you pay the fees. like i siad i have the original receipt so no its not "hot" thank you.
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