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    Here is a 10-year-old paper trying to debunk the "Hitler registration" myth. I think it's worth studying to be aware of the arguments. IMHO it is true that Hitler actually relaxed Germany's Gun Control stemming from the Weimar Republic, but the Jews were not the beneficiaries. The contrary. One argument often made, is that 7 million Russians could not defeat Hitler's Wehrmacht, how could the Jewish people be expected to withstand well-armed and outnumbering forces of the SS and SA ? It's the same argument the antis make in the US. How can citizens armed with rifles and pistols stand up against our own military with nukes (no kidding "nukes" I have heard it several times).

    Fact of the matter is that it takes a lot more effort and door to door combat to disarm unwilling people. It takes more time - a lot more time. And during that same time you have to worry about uprising and revolt. High risk to put it mildly - and that's how we like it. So don't try anything funny .... ;-)
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    C''mon in you bastiges... The water is jusssst fiiiiine! :mad: :s0085:
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    Ask Bashir Assad how well gun control works.

    Germany had strict gun control laws that were intended to keep the Communists and the Nazis from overthrowing the government. Neither of them gave up their guns. When the Nazis won at the ballot box, they targeted each opposing group one after another, until there was no orgainzed resistance. Those that were left could keep their guns, because there were not a threat. :eek:

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