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    Nice lady doing business in a small "almost rural" neighborhood. I've been there several times and I've only seen a max of one other car at a time there, usually it's only my wife and I. No big signs, no banners, if you don't know what you're looking for you'll drive right by. Prices are decent, selection is better than decent plus she'll order whatever you want. Darn sure a low key business. BUT, it's still a business in a neighborhood. She's big on giving her profits to her church and stresses that she's not in it for the money and cant afford to run a storefront. She previously ran one of those buy-back shops in town, but went out of business. I can't imagine that there is a traffic problem so I'm thinking one of the neighbors is blasting her just cause she's a dreaded gun store.
    Google her address and take a look for yourself: 847 SE Sharon Ave, Roseburg 97470 to see the setup. She's changed her garage door to a regular door since the google car drove by.
    If I was to have a business in the neighborhood, I'd like it to be run like hers. She is a great example of an unobtrusive neighbor. But they got them some rules in those neighborhoods, and I fear she's not on the right side of them.

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