OFF ALERT Kate Brown Appointee Refuses To Certify Recall Signatures

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    The Oregon Secretary of State has refused to qualify the Floyd Prozanski recall for a vote.

    The recall committee turned in over 10,000 signatures. 8415 signatures were required.

    According to a story in the Eugene Register Guard, “Two separate statistical samplings done Friday by the state Elections Division found the recall failed to meet the required 84 percent verification rate, however. One sampling estimated there were 8,208 valid signatures, the other 8,062, the Elections Division said.”

    In a prepared statement, Prozanski said Friday that he was “grateful” for his constituents’ “continued support.”

    The Secretary of State said the recall fell short by about 200 votes. This is almost exactly the number of signatures that the recall committee held back from gun stores that had been the target of a complaint by the Bloomberg funded opponents of the campaign. Bloomberg’s people would go into locations that had signature sheets available and attempt to ensnare the gun store personnel into making technical violations like stepping away from the signature sheets momentarily. They then filed specious and false complaints with the Secretary of State accusing volunteers of felonies.

    They also interfered with gathering efforts on the part of paid signature gatherers. It’s interesting to note that a complaint filed by the recall campaign against the Bloomberg flunkies has so far been ignored by the same Secretary of State who refused to certify the recall, the same anti-gun Secretary who was appointed by an anti-gun governor, who herself was not elected to the job.

    Needless to say, Prozanski and the Bloomberg cabal have claimed that this is a “victory” for gun control. However, nowhere do they mention the over 10,000 people who sought to have Prozanski removed from office, nor do they mention that the commissioners in both counties that Prozanski’s Senate District spans have passed resolutions against enforcing Prozanski’s anti right’s bill.

    Ironically, in the failed complaint filed by Bloomberg’s lackeys, they included a photograph of a signature sheet that was on the counter of one of the shops targeted for harassment. The last signature visible on the sheet seeking to oust Prozanski belonged to the sheriff of one of the counties in his district!

    How much Bloomberg spent to disrupt the campaign is unknown since they do not report those figures although the recall campaign is required to.

    In a press release, Pam Duffy, who was the chief petitioner said “The fact that we got so close sends a strong message to arrogant, out of touch politicians like Prozanski that the people are energized enough to act, especially considering 17% of petition signers were Democrats and another 15% were non affiliated voters.We are considering all of our options to appeal the official results or the possibility of a recount”.

    This recall was a tremendous effort against enormous odds. It faced the limitless funds of a New York billionaire and the reprehensible tactics of his followers. Even so, it collected over 10,000 signatures and scared the pants off those who simultaneously belittled it as having no chance and then spent vast sums to defeat it. Much was learned and future efforts will have the knowledge gained in this campaign to do an even more efficient job. We still face the real problem that the votes are counted by people with a big stake in the outcome, but the campaign accomplished more than the establishment ever thought it could. Our sincere thanks to everyone who supported this very important battle.

    Oregon Firearms Federation
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    The artical says "samplings were taken" don't they have to accually count and verify ea. signature?
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    Lying Cheating and being dung piles is all they are good for, and they are above all laws they don't like.
    When the fing hell are all of you going to figure out that is what Marxism and Communism is in and by definition.
    We do not have any resemblance of a republic any longer, nor freedom and free elections or even equitable rule of law. It is all the liberal scumbags rules that get observed, and only the way they want it done. They are and will walk and crap all over you all and laugh all the way to the next corrupted election.
    No one has the balls to stop them is how they think and I am beginning to see why they believe that.

    The only way this government will be returned to the people is the hard way.
    What you are seeing for the past 7 years is America Take Over on steroids by Marxists and Communists and Insane Socialists..

    Rant Done !
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    Great. Same person who will be in charge of counting the election returns. Looks like two terms for Kate Brown followed by two more for Ted Kulongowski. Better not bite a sandwich into the shape of a gun in your own basement.
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    Freedom in this state has gone below that of even California and will be non existent within 5 years.
    This actually makes Oregon Worse than Seattle Politics.
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    Under what statute can a sampling of signatures be used to verify the total gathered? is a sampling even legal? How is the sampling conducted. Were there recall committee members present to witness the counting? If there were not then are we supposed to take the Secretary of State's word that the count was not bogus. Was the counting unannounced and done behind closed doors? This really smells like rotten fish.
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    There is not doubt it is rotten and they gloat about it. They also laugh at anything you say or anyone when talking about it being illegal. They JUST DO NOT CARE what you, me or anyone else thinks.
    You have to think in clearer terms to what is going on here, and what has gone on in US politics on a State and a Federal level.
    Corruption has become the norm in the entire process and gets worse every year, yet people still act like they do not understand that these people do what they want and don't think anyone out here will actually stop them. So far they have been right. Until they are led out by the nose at gunpoint and put in handcuffs and then locked up and put on trial they will continue to do as they please and continue to pizz all over the citizens that are not on the left.

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    I have to get away from this thread. It makes my BP go through the roof, and all for the reasons I stated. Trying to do anything on the up and up with a government like this is fruitless until people join together in force and numbers and just put a stop to it.

    Until them I am going fishing or anything else for a bit.
    Coffee/Wine/ Shine ------- flipping a coin.:(:(:(:(:mad::mad::mad:
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    Even if 20,000 signatures were turned in it would still ironically have failed to get the required amount.
    I do not trust her as far as I could throw her!!!!!
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    I do feel, that those who started the Recall, should be legally asking for a item by item Count, with both Parties present, and maybe even the Recall Folks.

    We can not just accept the statement, oh, it didn't pass.



    And, as a post script... At least they know how serious we are. We need to field a Candidate against pinkFloyd, and say your out of bounds....
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