WTS/WTT OR Karpiel Classic Volante Downhill Bike, if you got the guts, check it out!

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    Well it looks like my downhill biking days are sadly over. Im sure there are plenty of adrenaline junkies on this site that might give this bike the love and dirt is deserves. This bike is no joke, its not for tooling around town, its made to do one thing and one thing only... blast down mountains at mach speed!!! its a large frame which is great for someone 5'10" on up. This bike is a classic. Just look it up on any bike website. Some of the parts include...
    Azonic bars
    power tools neck
    White Brothers DH3 factory fork
    Hayes hydraulic brakes
    DT hugi front thru axle hub
    xt rear hub
    xt rear derailleur
    Ronic Rear shick
    MRP crankset

    Anyways this bike is ready to roll. Im looking to trade this bike for a decent AR-15 or 1911. A 1911 would be my first choice. Im not really an AR guy but im looking for something decent to get into the platform. If this trade interests you please pm me and id be happy to show you the bike at Mt Tabor. If you are interested in a cash price it would be $1000.
    thanks for looking!! BTW this bike rules the summer at Skibowl!!! IMG_3179.jpg
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    I used to race a disco volante back in 2001. great bikes. if you were closer I'd be interested in an AR trade

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