Kamloops BC gun show? Worth the trip?

Discussion in 'Events & Get Togethers' started by MrNatural, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. MrNatural

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  2. jimwsea

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    What's the rules up there if you buy a gun or rifle?
  3. rdb241

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    Yeah...what are the hoops you have to jump through to get your toy home here in the states? If you know a Canadian resident, can they bring it accross the boarder? I have never thaught of going to BC to a gunshow. Are they're gun shows as good as ours? I have to stop! I have way too many questions.
  4. coctailer

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    Can't buy a gun there, but it would be definitely interesting to go to the gun show.

    They can have stuff that isn't allowed here.............er............and vice-versa.
  5. emanon

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    It is not worth the trip unless you are just going for the experience or will be in the area for other reasons as our shows are generally way bigger, we have better variety and our prices are cheaper, etc. If you want to check out a Canadian gun show for the experience of it then the ones in the greater Vancouver area are a better bet as they are generally bigger/better and definitely closer than Kamloops. For the most part as an American you cannot purchase guns and ammo up there.

    I'd be curious to know what the laws are about bringing back holsters, magazines, stocks, etc from Canada or other countries - anyone know?

    Here are some good Canadian gun related links:
  6. ernurse

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    Also if you ever jonesed for picking the latest in chinese assault weaponry then go to Canada, otherwise you can bring back holsters, stocks, pieces parts which are not considered a firearm or controlled here, cant bring back ammo or primers or or powder. But BC absolutely rocks. and with the exchange rate as it is now you cant go wrong, plus Canadian women are totally hot and healthy:thumbup:

    eta: and of course no complete firearms of any kind.
  7. naildriver

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    with the new gun laws in canada,i don't know how it works,i know i can go to kesselrings and buy any gun that i want and bring it back to B.C. because i have the posesion and aquisition liscense for retricted and non restricted firearms,as for the gun show it is not much smaller than the monthly ones in Vancouver B.C.i know that most firearms are registered but some of the dealers will make deals to transport firearms to the border for pickup,
  8. Iansstud

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    I would REALLY LOVE to go and buy one or 8 of those cheap m14 clones they sell in canada for $399 by Norinco. They are banned from importation here, thanks to clinton!!!!!!!!!!! Sonofa.......

    But its not worth moving up there for :)
  9. coosbaycreep

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    I can attest to the fact that BC is beautiful, the women are beautiful, and I'm sure a canadian gun show would be "interesting" to check out, but after the way I was harassed a few years ago by their border guards, I'll never go to canada again. Next time I go to Alaska, I'll take the ferry, or swim.

    I'd rather spend a week in Haiti or Darfur than Canada again.

    I was completely harassed by their jerkwad border guards. They went through everything in my pockets and my car. (Surprisingly, they didn't do a cavity search though, which is a shame, as I was feeling rather ill that day). The dude kept yelling at me in front of everyone like I was a terrorist or something, and basically treated me like crap, all for nothing.

    At the time, I had one of those cheap sentry gun cabinets, and the key to it is an odd looking four-sided one. The canuck asked me what it goes to, and when I told him it's for a gun safe, he really got angry. "What kind of guns do you have?! Do you have any guns on/with you?! Why do you have those kinds of guns?! Why do you need so many guns?!". Etc, etc.

    All of this because this a-hole was sure I was smuggling drugs or something.

    For the record, I was driving a 1988 pontiac fiero, which is about the last thing any half-way intelligent criminal would drive, seeing as how it's the size of a go-kart, stands out like a sore thumb, and is highly prone to breaking down or catching on fire. A fiero wouldn't be many people's first pick to haul drugs across the border in.

    This happened before I had my CHL too. I can only imagine the harassment I'd get with that. I'd probably be locked up in a gulag somewhere in the Yukon or something.

    And since I'm completely off topic and have been for several paragraphs, I'd also like to state that all the canadians I encountered were rude and unfriendly. It's just like being in California, except there's slightly less of them, and it's colder and wetter.

    rant over
  10. PBinWA

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    I brought my guns into the US from Canada about 9 years ago. You have to file a bunch of forms with the BATF and wait a long time and then have an FFL meet you at the border crossing. It was a hassle.

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