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Kahr PM9 v. Sig P250

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by tlakidd, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. tlakidd

    tlakidd Eugene Member

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    If anyone has shot both of these I would like to know there thoughts. I have shot the Kahr but considering the P250 in the 9mm.
  2. crosse

    crosse Bellevue Active Member

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    the problem i have with the p250 is that its basically the same category of size as the p239 which a great gun in its own, is too large to safely be called a sub-compact pistol. "Sub-compact" evokes the sense that I could stash this in my jacket's large pocket. the p250 and p239 can, but they are chunky guns making it that much more difficult. plus they're both heifers compared to the pm9 in size and weight especially for a 9mm gun.

    now if you were talking p250 subcompact in 45acp....:thumbup:

    the pm9 is a BUG in a respectable defensive package. Its what I carry almost every day. But I also carry a little more from time to time too. I would snatch up a p250 sub in 45acp!
  3. badclam

    badclam willapa bay Sunny SW WA Active Member

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    The Kahr pm9 and the sig have one similarity,they are both high quality weapons. The size difference is vast and makes any real comparison impossible. IMHO,the sig has a much better trigger,but the Kahr is surprisingly accurate for its size,way easier to hide.

    It's almost an apples and oranges comparison.
  4. MacBookProAR

    MacBookProAR Stayton Member

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    I personally love both apples and oranges.

    I also would love to have a Kahr pm9.