Kahr P40 and 3rd Gen Glock22 SOLD

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by NWRed, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Both pistols are sold

    Cleaning out the odds and ends:

    Kahr P40- This is the "nicer" polymer Kahr, not the economy CW40 model. Dovetailed sights, extra machining on the slide etc. Has a Brooks Agrip installed, peels off if you prefer the factory plastic.
    $420 with just one standard mag or $450 with everything as pictured.

    Glock 22- PD trade in Gen 3 .40 S&W pistol. Lots of finish wear, dim night sights. Works fine, runs like a Glock, no worries there.
    Includes 1 factory mag ( ban era mag with LE restictions marked on the spine).
    Slide is engraved Overland Park Kansas PD. One of the cooler PD trade ins Ive owned due to the shield engraving.
    Viridian GLK green laser , great shape and bright. Not zeroed for this pistol however so you'll need to adjust it. Box,manual,wrenches,DVD included. $560

    Trades I'd be interested in : +/- cash

    $400 used Glock (other then a G22)/Sig/ M&P/Beretta 92/XD-XDM pistols (PD tradeins welcome)
    decent 1911
    Mossberg MVP in .223
    Savage Hog Hunter in .308 or other Savage threaded muzzle .308
    762x54R Vepr magazines
    US made ESEE/Ranger/Ontario/Gerber fixed blade knives
    possibly open to other firearm trades ( NO interest in NIB+ priced used guns)

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